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Make A Donation

Support Your Community. Support The Arts.

As independent artist, we are always asking you to support our dreams and aspirations, and as such, many people get the misconception that it’s about us. Supporting the arts isn’t just about giving rise to the dreams and aspirations of artists; it is also about enriching our communities.  

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office has partnered with Angus Films, LLC to serve as our Fiscal Sponsor. GPFO will accept tax deductible donations on behalf of Angus Films, LLC to support the feature film “Angus”.

Your support uplifts the community as a whole by supplying jobs to both artistic fields and non-artistic fields such as contractors, electricians, chefs, restaurants, and many other local businesses who products and services are essential to the artist endeavors. Virtually all the money acquired by independent artistic projects is spent in the local community the project is based in.

Your support brings excitement and energy to communities who in these tough times need as much as they can get. As uncertainty run rampant in our lives, the arts have always been a place for people to for relaxation, enjoyment, and recharging.

Your support gives your children, nephew & nieces, young cousins, and god children, a view into another life they can pursue. Youth in communities get to see many different career paths, artistic and non-artistic, and see how the lessons they take for granted in school are applied in real life.

These few points are merely the tip of the iceberg in the impact that you support has on the lives of those in our communities. Our film, “Angus”, will bring 100+ jobs to the City of Philadelphia and other areas of the Great State of Pennsylvania. We will be filming on location; in our communities.

That’s why your support is needed now. We need you to support the arts. We ask for you to make a tax deductible donation to the Philadelphia Film Office on behalf of our film “Angus”.

We need your support; Our communities need your support.


To Donate

Click Here to visit the website for the GPFO and select the Donate Button for Angus.


Contributions to the Greater Philadelphia Film Office pursuant to this solicitation are primarily for the support of "Angus" that has been approved and is being sponsored by the Film Office in accordance with its purposes and guideline.